Anonymous said: have you ever had a bad experience with porn?




One time I was watching this porn video because someone told me this girl was good at blowjobs and I was trying to learn how to give one since I’ve never done it before. And so she was giving him like a good ass blow job in this video and I was so into it. Like I got kinda horny too and I never really get horny watching blow jobs. So I was like bruhhhh she on point! And they were two white porn stars and I was happy that there was no music and shit. 

Then next thing I know he was like, “You’re a dirty little slut, huh? Just a nasty bitch.” And I was like… Wait, whuttt? What is happening? How did this escalate so quickly??? And he was like, “Show me how dirty you are. Show me how filthy you can be.” And so I was getting nervous like all of my arousal dwindled after this shit. I was like NO WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN??? Like I’m watching a horror movie and shit. And she opened her mouth and I thought oh woooow this nigga bout to cum already? IT’S ONLY BEEN LIKE 5 MINUTES WTF HE WEAK. 

But no. He looks her dead in the eye and he starts peeing. He fucking peed in her mouth like a shit load of pee I was like

OH MY FUCKING GOD ABORT. FUCKING ABORT. And she was moaning and licking her lips like he was pouring some good ass southern lemonade in her mouth and I was just not ready and I could not deal. And then my phone was being jank and wouldn’t close it out and I was just crying. I was like NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. And so when I finally got it off I just sat there in my bed contemplating life. 

Then I saw the nigga that told me to watch the video and I never looked at him the same again. 

This was fucking HILARIOUS!! 😂😭😂

Brb dying

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the strength with which I feel this

Have feelings.
Run out of cheeks.
Strike back!!!

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Jamaica’s Minister of Youth & Culture Lisa Hanna in St. Ann, Jamaica


Jamaica’s Minister of Youth & Culture Lisa Hanna in St. Ann, Jamaica


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Me (April Alexander) by Lynton Pepper!


Me (April Alexander) by Lynton Pepper!

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